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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials


My experience with Dr. Kaplan took place while I was playing quarterback for the Jacksonville Sharks of the Arena Football League. Right before halftime in a late-season game I had a defensive lineman roll onto my lower left leg. The result was a broken fibula and torn deltoid ligament. I had been lucky until that point of my career with injuries, and had not experienced anything major. In the few days after I wasn’t sure if I would be able to come back from this injury and be full speed again.

Dr. Kaplan assured me that if I wanted to continue playing he would fix everything and I would be able to get back to 100%. I wasn’t sure at the time if I completely believed that, but looking back at it now it was definitely the truth. He had me back on the field less than 8 months later to start the next season. Between the surgery and rehab my ankle felt so good that I could play without wearing a brace or tape. I went on to have a solid season with the Sharks and was subsequently signed by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. I spent the offseason and preseason with the Seahawks and have since been with the BC Lions in the CFL.

At no point in time since I’ve been back on the field have I noticed any limitations with my ankle. You would never be able to tell that I had injured it if you watched me play or saw me in everyday life. I appreciate everything Dr. Kaplan has done for me and my career to this point. I am lucky to have had him as a doctor and I’m glad to be able to call him a friend.

R.J. Archer1

R.J. Archer

In November of 2009, playing with the Buffalo Bills, I was severely injured in a football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I had broken both my fibula and tibia and was rushed from the field to the hospital. I was not sure how the doctors were in this foreign city. Luckily, I was greeted with great care from Dr. Kaplan and his associates. I had a successful surgery three hours after the injury had occurred and spent four fairly stress free days under his supervision. I was able to get back to the field in nine months and started all but two games in 2010. The two I missed were from an unrelated injury. I was voted to the All-Fundamental team which is voted upon by former coaches. I couldn’t be more pleased by the way my family, fiancee and I were treated in Jacksonville and can’t thank Dr. Kaplan enough.

Eric Wood1   Eric Wood2

Eric Wood #70
Center Buffalo Bills

I met Dr. Kaplan Dr. Kaplan in 2011 while playing for the Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football team. I’ve played arena football for 16 seasons and have had numerous injuries throughout my career. In 2012, I played in every game of an 18 game season as well as two playoff games and an arena bowl championship. I truly believe that this success had a lot to do with the medical attention I received from Dr. Kaplan and his staff. I still communicate with Dr. Kaplan on a regular basis even though I no longer play in Jacksonville. I have a tremendous amount respect for his talent as a doctor, and even more for his character as a man. Thanks for everything doc.

Aaron Garcia1Aaron Garcia2

Aaron Garcia

I went to see Dr. Kaplan at JOI after crashed my bike very hard while racing the Ironman New Orleans Triathlon. After taking some X-Rays, Dr. Kaplan came into the exam room and said, “So we have only 4 weeks to get you ready to race, let’s see what we can do.” I instantly knew that I had the right surgeon! As an injured athlete, I was not looking for a treatment plan that says to sit on the couch until it heals. I love the fact that I did not have to explain “why” I needed to race in only 4 weeks. Dr. Kaplan is an athlete himself and he “gets it”. I could not be any more happy with the treatment that I received by Dr. Kaplan and his team at JOI. I was able to train through the fracture with aggressive treatment and “cold laser” therapy without being limited by my healing fracture which normally should have been really painful. Thanks to Dr. Kaplan and Drew Heideman (PT) and the crew at JOI I went on to finish Ironman Texas in 9:52 which was 68th overall out of 2800 athletes and with a swim time that was EXACTLY the same as my previous year without the fractured hand. Thanks to the whole team at JOI, you guys are incredible!!!

Shawn M. Burke1

Shawn M. Burke

Les Moss

Thank you Dr. Kaplan for the best team care I have ever experienced in football. We received word on our injuries at the speed that NFL teams receive theirs. In fact it probably had as much to do as anything in our arena bowl win being able to know about the status of injured players immediately.

I have been with 4 AFL organizations and 1 AF2 organization. I’ve been fortunate enough to compete in the league championship game with all five of those organizations. I have seen the bad, average and good medical staffs. Now I’ve seen the best.

I truly hope this relationship continues. In my opinion it is as vital to our success as an organization as anything we can do.

Les Moss
Head Coach
Jacksonville Sharks
Arena Football League

Jay NesslerI met Dr. Kaplan my senior year of high school. I had an injury to my elbow that just seemed to be getting worse, when the athletic trainer at BK referred me to Dr. Kaplan. He was very understanding of my desire to stay on the field if possible and helped work with me to heal and strengthen my elbow while still being able play. He was very good about giving me every option that he possibly could, and was very honest with me about what he thought of the situation. Dr. Kaplan is a great guy and an incredible doctor. He made me feel comfortable from the second I walked into his office until the day I walked out with a rehabilitated elbow. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I would not be able to play the way I do today without him. He is a very hands on doctor who likes to see his patients do well, and is always around to check on them. I would recommend doctor Kaplan to everyone and anyone who has any kind of injury, he is that good!

Jay Nessler
Catcher Bishop Kenny 2012
Committed to the University of Kansas


For years I endured significant pain in my right shoulder as a result of an accident that occurred while I was in the Army. After numerous doctor visits, I believed the pain was something I would have to endure for the rest of my life. Upon retiring from the Army, I moved to the Jacksonville area and discovered Dr. Kaplan. In short order he diagnosed a labral tear in my right shoulder and offered to operate at my earliest convenience. Dr. Kaplan successfully conducted a labral repair surgery on my right shoulder. I was back to my normal self within a few months. I can’t explain how amazing it felt to find a healthcare professional who could diagnose and assist me in solving a problem that had plagued me for years. Dr. Kaplan and his staff were extremely professional, and always treated me like I was the only patient on their schedule that day. I visited Dr. Kaplan three times before the surgery, and three times afterward. In each of those visits I never waited more than a few minutes past my appointment time before I met with Dr. Kaplan personally.

In short, Dr. Kaplan and his staff are the most professionally competent, and personally attentive healthcare professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I am now able to work out without the pain that plagued me for years.

Art A1

Art A

New Rotator Cuff gets Reggie Back in the Swing

I sincerely appreciate your hard work. What I have learned from the internet, I understand how difficult of a shoulder procedure this was. I am not sure what insurance pays you, but its certainly not enough. Without your expertise, I would guess I would have an arm that would eventually be useless. My family has reiterated how nice you were in speaking to them after the surgery and I’ll never forget the call you made the first post op night. For whatever reason, I was very unsettled and I think even having a panic attack about my wellbeing. Your call went a long way to helping me calm down and feel better. I know you didn’t have to do that, but I am glad you did. Your other staff has always been pleasant and helpful. So, for what it is worth, this is a big Thank you and my sincere appreciation for your services

My story begins with tearing my labrum in my left shoulder while at the gym. I decided to let it “heal” on its own. Years later I got into a motor vehicle accident which worsened the previously injured site. Instabilibitly began to become a problem, popping and clicking was common. To play sports recreationally was now a risky behavior, even sneezing without bracing would cause my shoulder to sublicate out of joint and into excruciating pain.

I decided it was time to get a repair. In today’s market I review just about everything online and finding a surgeon was no different. As I began my search I found Dr.Kaplan. He had great reviews from many previously served patients. His background was impressive and he seemed to have accomplished much in his field in a short amount of time, this helped me feel confident in scheduling an initial screening. After the imaging and tests I was informed that I needed surgery to correct the problem, and he assured me that he was well versed in this injury. I backed out and decided to try physical therapy, he informed he it would not work but let me have my way without pressure. Turns out he was right, and a few years later I was back in his office. Dr.Kaplan and his team succsefully repaired my shoulder, and 6months after surgery my shoulder is back to normal! I was so confident in his abilities I told a coworker and he also had the same surgery completed by him. Jacksonville is blessed to have Dr.Kaplan and the services he provides to the community.

Sterling P

Shoulder Rotator Cuff

Absolutely love Dr Kaplan. My shoulder has never been better after he fixed my rotator cuff. He strives to be on time with his appointments and even when I’ve had to wait it has been for no more than a few minutes past my appointment time. No matter how booked he was with patients he always spent the time to really evaluate my issues and explain all of my options of treatment. I never felt as if he was rushing me out the door. I also love that JOI has facilities there and I do not have to go to other facilities to have X-rays etc. I have recommended JOI and specifically Dr. Kaplan to many of my friends.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff

Dr. Kaplan, I just wanted to let you know that I hit tennis balls this afternoon and my shoulder felt amazing! no pain nor discomfort . I used remarkable willpower (for me) to limit my play because I felt I could have hit for hours! I must admit I was very surprised at how great everything felt. I never had a minute of pain since the day of surgery. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and allowing me to get back to the sport I love.

Hello, my name is Lewis Bellas, who is writing this to praise a great surgeon, Dr. Kevin Kaplan of Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute.

Back in February 2012, my wife and I were hit by a drunk driver almost head on at night. We were very lucky to be alive after that accident.

Needless to say, being the driver, I suffered most of the injuries. After seeing local doctors in Saint Augustine, Florida, I was told that I had two fractures in my lower left leg just above the ankle, a massive tear of my rotator cuff and a rupture bicep in my right arm. For my leg, I was in a cast for four months and in a wheel chair. By May 2012, I was able to walk again and I began to research orthopedic surgeons in Saint Augustine and Jacksonville. First, I saw an orthopedic surgeon in Saint Augustine and he confirmed that I had a massive tear in my rotator cuff and would need surgery. He told me that his surgical procedure would fix the tear, but I would have to be very careful, especially during the outpatient rehab phase since he had patient’s who tore the rotator cuff while doing their exercises. In my mind, I wanted the best orthopedic surgeon in the north Florida region.

I researched the internet and discovered Dr. Kevin Kaplan at Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, who had the best credentials of any other surgeon, especially his speciality in rotator cuff injuries. The internet mentioned that Dr. Kaplan had spent time in the Los Angeles area training with surgeons who took care of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lakers and LA Kings. The “net bridge” procedure he learned there was highly acclaimed since re-tears of the rotator cuff were significantly reduced.

I made an appointment Dr. Kaplan in late May 2012 and I can honestly say I was greatly impressed by his extensive knowledge, a great bedside manner and always had a smile on his face. My wife had accompanied me on this doctor’s visit and she was also impressed the way Dr. Kaplan explained everything in detail, plus loved his nice smile. After reviewing my X-Rays and MRI, Dr. Kaplan told me I had a massive tear in my rotator cuff and some bone spurs. Shortly after this visit, I scheduled surgery in July 2012 with Dr. Kaplan. He did such a great job repairing my rotator cuff that I had very little pain two weeks after my surgery. Within several weeks after my surgery, I was in outpatient rehab doing all the necessary exercises with little or no pain. My physical therapist asked me who my surgeon was and I told him Dr. Kevin Kaplan. My therapist had heard of Dr. Kaplan’s “net bridge” procedure and how successful his patients have been after surgery. As for me, I finished my physical therapy three weeks sooner than expected, according to my physical therapist.

I can honestly say that my surgery was a complete success. I am an avid golfer and was back playing golf in less than five months after surgery. I am working out at World Gym three to four times a week and continuing to do exercises to keep my rotator cuff strong. I’m hitting the ball farther than before and beating some of my fellow golfers for the first time. I have referred at least three friends with rotator cuff problems to see Dr. Kaplan and they have had the same result as me. Based on my experience, my nephew is having surgery with Dr. Kaplan in early October 2014.

Dr. Kaplan is the greatest and we are very lucky to have him here in northern Florida.

Lewis Bellas

Lewis B

Rotator Cuff Tear/Bicep Tear

My name is Ira Powers and I am 67 years old. I have a very active lifestyle gardening and playing golf three to four times a week. In July 2012, I experienced a castrophic injury to my right shoulder while swinging a five iron during a golf outing. I knew the injury was serious with the loss of use of my right arm and blood visible under my bicep within a few hours. The shoulder pain began in early 2011 and continued to get worse over the past eighteen months restricting the use of my right arm and now…wham…I had a big problem. A friend recommended I call Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute. I was surprised…a pleasant experience with prompt and professional staff resulted in me meeting Dr. Kaplan. A MRI was scheduled with the results being reviewed with Dr. Kaplan.

MRI:Full thickness tear distal supraspinatus tendon, Tendinosis or tendinopathy of infraspinatus tendon, Complete tear biceps tendon, Partial-thickness tear subscapularis tendon, AC arthropathy, Multifocal tearing of Labrum and Effusion.

After reviewing the MRI, Dr. Kaplan explained the injury in a clear and precise manner ensuring me the surgery would restore the use of my right arm and shoulder. Details about the sugary and recovery process were discussed in understandable detail. I felt very comfortable and confident I had the right man for the job. The sugary on August 6,2012 was successful and the following five months interacting with Dr. Kaplan was a very positive and encouraging experience. Dr. Kaplan’s professionalism, medical skills and his documented plan on theraphy and return to golf required patience and discipline and worked perfectly. The plan was clear with established milestones to measuring post-surgery progress. Kelly Rochelean MPT CSCS, my therapist at the San Jose JOI rehab center, was outstanding.

Monthly visits with Dr. Kaplan involved progress report reviews from rehab and testing the flexibility and strength of my shoulder. These were encouraging while challenging me to continue to follow the recovery plan. Dr. Kaplan was always pleasant, honest and factual about my injury.

In December, I began swinging a golf club. Early January chipping and putting and late January using short irons on the driving range. February, I moved up to the long irons playing my first round of golf on March 9, 2013. To my surprise, my handicap dropped three strokes to a 10. No pain—return strength and flexibility and peace of mind. Seven months after sugary I am enjoying once again the sport I love.
Except for being 67 and a little over weight, I’m better than new.
Thank you Dr. Kaplan and the JOI team for a great job.

Rotator Cuff Tear/Bicep Tear pic1  Rotator Cuff Tear/Bicep Tear pic2

Ira P

Rotator Cuff Repair

I waited about a year after surgery to give an honest assessment. Dr. Kaplan did a rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. I will say that Jacksonville is very fortunate to have such a quality surgeon. I really
didn’t know what I was in for, but, Dr. Kaplan pretty well walked me through the whole procedure and let me know what I was going to have to deal with. I have virtually no more pain. I would personally recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone that is need of any of his services. Very professional and easy to talk to. I’m glad I had this done and I’m very lucky to have had such a good surgeon to "Fix" the problem.

Barry C

Shoulder Pain – Labral Tear – Suprascapular Nerve Impingement

My name is Kirk Tovey and I am 48 years old. I live an extremely active lifestyle with surfing, kitesurfing, and stand up paddling as some of my favorite sport activities. Weight lifting is something that I enjoy also, and I injured my shoulder doing incline bench press. I had pain with severe weakness and muscle atrophy in my right shoulder. After a MRI I was diagnosed with a labral tear and large cyst that was compressing my suprascapular nerve. I was an unusual patient for Dr. Kaplan. Being a co-founder of a medical device company and in the medical business for over twenty years, I am fortunate to have many medical contacts within the Jacksonville area and throughout the country. I also realize there is a large variance of surgical skill level within any specialty and the final outcome for the patient can be effected tremendously. Initially I was going to have my surgery done out of state by a world reknown surgeon who is known for being one of the best at shoulder procedures. Ideally, I wanted to have my surgery done locally for follow up visits and obvious reasons.

My goal was to find out who were the top two shoulder surgeons in Jacksonville with the best patient post surgical outcomes. After speaking to orthopedic coordinators, operating nurses, shoulder representatives and patients I was able to narrow my search down to the top two surgeons. My next and final step was to meet both surgeons and pick the final one to do my surgery. After my intense research Dr. Kaplan was my choice. He is confident, sincere and does not rush his patients. Dr. Kaplan earned my trust and is the kind of person that is enjoyable to be around. This was a stressful time in my life because I knew there was a chance that my water sport activities could be short lived. My surgery went perfect with a procedure textbook result. It has been 8 months from when I had my surgery and I am back kiteboarding and strong with zero pain. I am extremely blessed for the surgical skill that Dr. Kaplan has. He is truly a caring person that gets pleasure out of life by helping his patients. Thank you again Dr. Kaplan and I am so grateful to have a pain free shoulder.

Labral Tear pic  Labral Tear pic2

Labral Tear2

Respectfully yours
Kirk T

Rotator Cuff Repair – JOI – Kevin M. Kaplan, MD

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff/Labral Repair

Nestor Ciprian1My name is Nestor Ciprian. I went to see Dr. Kevin Kaplan after doing research on the internet because I had an injury to my right shoulder. I wanted the best orthopedic doctor, and his accolades appealed to me. He discovered I had a complete labrum tear, and a torn rotator cuff as well. Moreover, I had three Bankart lesions in the shoulder. The pain was intensely difficult to bear, and I could not pick up a gallon of milk or even lift my right arm over my head. Dr. Kaplan proposed I get a SLAP repair surgery and a rotator cuff procedure in order to stabilize the shoulder. I agreed to the procedure, and Dr. Kaplan was very reassuring that I would be able to play my favorite sport again. I love golf, and the thought of not being able to play was disheartening. He performed the surgery, and implemented an aggressive personalized rehabilitation therapy. I am happy to say that after months of rehabilitation, and Dr. Kaplan’s care, I am back to the golf course with renewed confidence, and not a slight worry about my shoulder. Dr. Kevin Kaplan is a gifted caring doctor. Jacksonville is definitely a lucky city to have him here.

Nestor C

Rotator Cuff Tear

Hi, I am Laine Silverfield and a huge fan of Dr. Kevin Kaplan.

Dr. Kaplan has been my “go to” orthopedic physician for previous aches and injuries. I have always been impressed both with his knowledge and the extensive time he takes to explain and demonstrate the impact of the injury. He really cares about his patients. Having known Dr. Kaplan for many years, I knew his character, dedication, compassion, and the manner in which he treated people both in the office and in real life. This is someone who cares about each individual and wants the best outcome for every patient, as if he or she were family.

As a “wanna be” athlete, I enjoy swimming and biking. My left shoulder began to hurt whether sleeping on it or during activities throughout the day. Any pressure I exerted on or with my shoulder such as lifting, pushing or pulling, caused increased pain.

After no relief from six weeks of physical therapy, I succumbed to an MRI. Unfortunately, results showed my rotator cuff was torn and I decided to have Dr. Kaplan fix the tear. Dr. Kaplan thoroughly explained the surgery, and the lengthy rehab it entails. He was very clear that the surgery was not an easy one, and there would be pain immediately after. Any thoughts I might have had about it being a “walk in the park” quickly vanished as Dr. Kaplan was direct and forthright in explaining the steps leading to a full recovery. This helped me immensely in planning my life for the next few months. Knowing what to expect both in terms of surgery, follow-up appointments, and rehab, was greatly appreciated. Having it “on the calendar” helped me see what I might expect in terms of progress.

My surgery was 100% successful, and at four months post-op, I was dancing with my arms in the air. By six months, I was back in the pool. I credit Dr. Kaplan’s talent and wisdom for bringing my shoulder back to normal. Ah, now if he could just make me an athlete!!!!

Laine Silverfield

Laine S

Rotator Cuff Repair

Art CarloThis testimonial is to express my appreciation for the outstanding professionalism, attention to medical dedtail, and skill of Dr. Kaplan and the integration of his entire team.

This is my second surgery visit to Dr. Kaplan, this time for a total right shoulder reconstructive surgery in march of 2012. Dr. Kaplan had previously fixed my left shoulder. Once again, Dr. Kaplan was very through with his examination going into great detail about every aspect of my diagnosis, treatment and up coming surgery.

The day of surgery came, march 26, 2012, and i guess i was not able to hide my anxiety. Dr. Kaplan came into my room to once again discuss the surgery with me and to my delight again, he stated that he had already made arrangements with my anesthesiologist to have a shoulder nerve block aswell as general anesthesia for pain control. Dr. Kaplan had remembered from surgery on my opposite shoulder (january of 2011) the excelleant results i had with the nerve block. While in the recovery room, i could hear other patients complaining about their pain level, but not me, thanks to Dr. Kaplan.

The one trait that Dr. Kaplan has that i will never forget is his concern and compassion he has for his patients. Just like my first surgery, i remember Dr. Kaplan giving my wife his cell phone number and stating call me at any time, if you have concerns with his pain level or his surgery in general. I recall him saying, i will check in on him. Sure enough, the night of surgery the phone rang and its Dr. Kaplan calling to check on me, and after gettin a report from my wife he asked to speak to me. His bed side manners and his true concern for his patients is unfortunately not the norm in todays medical field.

My experience has lead me to believe that Dr. Kaplan is an exceptionally skilled surgeon, or always places his patients first. An example, i missed one of my post op appointments and the next day, ireceived a phone call form Dr. Kaplan’s nurse stating that Dr. Kaplan missed seeing me yesterday and he wanted to make sure i was ok. This doctor cares about his patients.

The integration of the care team under his direction has and continues to be refreshing. I appreciate that such integration does not happen automatically, it starts at the top. His staff can feel justifiably proud of the work they perform day in and day out, and the professionalism and skill they demonstrate.

I do not hestitate to refer patients to him, as i know they will be in good hands. They say a picture is worth a thousands words, take note that six months after major right shoulder recontruction, i am back playing bocee.

Respectfully yours
Art C

Suddenly, I couldn’t raise my right arm past my waistline and experienced severe pain in my shoulder. I diagnosed myself with a frozen shoulder or blamed it on sleeping on my right side… Boy, was I wrong…

I went for cortisone injections, but, no relief in sight and quite painful Finally, went for an MRI and was informed I had a torn rotator cuff Shock, to say the least…no idea how this happened

I was referred to Dr. Kaplan and instantly felt a comforting connection. He informed me of all the options and we discussed surgery given the significant tear he saw on the MRI in combination with my pain and disability.
He was very informative and compassionate thru this journey.He explained everything to me in great detail…and I also asked questions. I was not rushed and felt at ease with his professional expertise
I had heard the horror stories about this surgery…..NOT TRUE! I had the surgery and recovered exceptionally wel…I followed his post op instructions and healed very well I am able to lift my arm and with physical therapy, I feel like I am 100% back to full mobility and pain free.

Dr. Kaplan surpassed my expectations as an orthopedic surgeon. He is extremely gentle and still maintains his excellent bedside manner , sorry!

In my opinion, Dr. Kaplan is the most amazing, professional doctor I have ever had contact with. I have a history of medical issues and he is like no one else. I only wish he could address my other health conditions, as I trust him completely.

With sincere gratitude on a successful surgery and full use of my right arm, again I will always appreciate your excellent care To the best doctor I have ever met, thank you for everything Was such a scary adventure, Dr. Kaplan made it all right!

Robin Ashourian

Respectfully yours
Robin A

Rotator Cuff Repair

As I approach the one year anniversary of my rotator cuff surgery, I want to write a brief testimony to thank Dr. Kaplan for he has done for me.

I met Dr. Kaplan at Alltel Stadium at an event for High School Principals and Athletic Directors. We started a conversation and I learned that he was a Doctor and was working with Atlantic Coast High as their team physician. The event coordinators conducted a brief presentation and then we went down stairs to eat. On our way there, Dr. Kaplan was greeted enthusiastically by every Jacksonville Jaguar that we came in contact with. I knew at that point that he was an extraordinary kind of Doctor. After spending time with Dr. Kaplan that day, I knew he would be my Doctor!

I had been experiencing a sharp pain in my right shoulder for several years after I injured it playing basketball. I was being treated by another doctor, but the pain would always return a short time after my treatments. I thought it was a pain that I would just have to live with for the rest of my life.

A few months later, I decided to visit Dr. Kaplan’s office. Dr. Kaplan examined me and ordered a MRI. After the results of the MRI came back, Dr. Kaplan called me back in to discuss the results. The news was not good. Dr. Kaplan said that I had one of the worst rotator cuff tears that he had ever seen.

Dr. Kaplan wanted to perform surgery on my shoulder and was confident that he could repair the tear in my shoulder. He then explained the procedure in great detail. His detailed explanation and extreme confidence made my decision to have the surgery an easy one.

On Friday September 16, 2011 before Dr. Kaplan performed the surgery, he explained everything that I needed to do after the surgery to my wife. He also gave my wife his cell phone number and told her to call him if I experienced any problems after surgery. I was in pain, but not in the kind of pain that I thought I would be. The day after the surgery my wife brought me my cell phone, I was shocked to hear Dr. Kaplan’s voice on the other end. He called me on a Saturday just to see how I was doing. I was doing well considering I had just had major shoulder surgery. I was supposed to be off work at least a week. However, I was feeling so good that I went back to work on Tuesday September 20, 2012. All of my follow up visits have gone well, and I’m back to playing basketball and my shoulder is pain free. Now I immediately refer Dr. Kaplan to anyone that mentions any kind of shoulder pain.

Dr. Kaplan, You Are the MAN!!! Thanks for everything and keep up the Great Work!!!

Dwayne Thomas

Dwayne T

Rotator Cuff Repair

As a Collegiate and Professional football official it is important to be able to raise your arms over your head. Much to my dismay, during a game I had extreme pain occur in my shoulder and my arm felt like it was on fire.

During the next time out I went to the team area and asked for the doctor. I explained the pain to Dr. Kaplan and that it was hard to lift my right arm, he took a quick look and asked for me to see him after the game. By the end of the game I couldn’t get my hand higher than my head.

When Dr. Kaplan looked at me after the game he immediately said it could be the rotator cuff and the only way to know for sure was an MRI. He was able to get an MRI scheduled very quickly and after the MRI we revisited and not only had I tore the rotator cuff but the labrum and bicep muscle too.

He spent a lot of time explaining the options both pro and con. My options were: rehab to see if that helped with the pain and would allow me to continue the season or surgery. We decided that surgery was the best short and long term option. Surgery was on a Friday morning and the next morning he personally called to make sure everything was ok.

A major part of the recovery was rehab. However he did not just pass me off to a physical therapist, he stayed involved. Along with regular follow up visits, he reviewed the therapist’s reports and made changes to the process as needed.

After several months of rehab, I was able to raise my right arm again without pain. Dr. Kaplan is not only fantastic at diagnosing the problem; he is great at explaining all the options to remedy it. Dr. Kaplan has that air about him that lets you know he knows what he is doing without being arrogant. He makes you feel like one of his best friends and always treats you that way. If you need any kind of orthopedic procedure, your first action should be a visit to Dr. Kaplan and JOI.

Perry Havener

Perry H
Professional and Collegiate Football Referee

Rotator Cuff Repair

In the Spring of 2011, I some how injured my left shoulder. I could not lie on it or raise my left are above my shoulder. My primary doctor put me in Physical therapy for a frozen shoulder. The physical therapist suggested that I go see Dr. Kaplan.

In August 2011, I had an MRI that reveled a torn rotator Cuff. Dr. Kaplan said he could repair it with three minor incisions in my shoulder.

On September 6, 2011, I went into JOI for same day surgery. I was very nervous about having surgery, but Dr. Kaplan put me at ease and suggested that I let the Anesthesiologist give me a nerve block in my shoulder along with the general anesthesia to help reduce the pain after surgery. What a blessing Dr. Kaplan was. I went home after having my Rotator Cuff, a torn labrum, and a torn bicep repaired and I had no pain for over 12 hours.

Dr. Kaplan has the best bedside manors of any doctor that I have ever met. When you go to his office for a follow up, he never seems to rush you out of the office. He is very through in all of his explanations and answers any questions that you have with great patience. I have recommended Dr. Kaplan to two of my co-workers who have had shoulder problems.

I not only had a great doctor to take care of my shoulder but now I feel that I also have made a great friend as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Kaplan

Charles Walch

Charles W

Rotator Cuff Repair

Art CarloThis testimonial is to express my ay appreciation for the outstanding professionalism, attention to detail, and skill of Dr. Kaplan and the integration of his entire team.

A week or so before Thanksgiving of 2010, while trying to open our bedroom window, I felt a snap in my left shoulder and immediately the pain was unbearable. I was fortunate to have seen Doctor Robert Savarese of JOI for a back injection so I called him and he referred me to Dr. Kaplan. It did not take me long to realize that I was with the right specialist. He was very through with his examination going into detail every aspect of my diagnosis, treatment (surgery to repair a bicep dislocation and a rotator cuff tear) and recovery to keep me well informed and involved.

Dr. Kaplan had ordered an MRI of my left shoulder to confirm his initial diagnosis and he was right on. Dr. Kaplan spent all the necessary time to educate me about the procedure he would be performing, including common side effects. I never told him that I was apprehensive about the surgery but he must have sensed my concern. He spent so much time going over things with me, his people skills were awesome, and he made me feel so relaxed and ready to have the surgery.

The day of surgery came (January 2011) and I guess I was not able to hide my anxiety. Dr. Kaplan came in to the room to once again discuss the surgery with me and to my delight Dr. Kaplan stated that he had made arrangements with my anesthesiologist to have a shoulder nerve block as well as general anesthesia for pain control. When I returned to recovery, I could hear other patients complaining about their pain level (shoulder surgery) but not me, in fact I was pain free until 3am, some 19 hours later. As a patient I have experienced a much better post-operative course then I expected thanks to Dr. Kaplan.

My experience has lead me to believe that Dr. Kaplan is an exceptionally skilled surgeon. The integration of the care team under his direction has been quite refreshing. I appreciate that such integration does not happen automatically. His staff can feel justifiably proud of the work they perform and the professionalism and skill they demonstrate.

I am now having similar problems with my right shoulder and have already returned to see Dr. Kaplan and his team. I do not hesitate to refer patients to him, as I know they will be in good hands.

Art C

Frozen Shoulder

Recently I unknowingly injured my left shoulder. After several months of pushing through the pain, ignoring the pain, and trying to let my shoulder heal on its own, I realized that it was getting worse instead of better. After 6 months, my range of motion had dramatically decreased and I could barely use my left arm.

Dr. Kaplan was recommended to me and I immediately connected with him. His relaxed, friendly, confident attitude assured me that the best solution for my problem, which he diagnosed as frozen shoulder, was shoulder manipulation with a capsular release under anesthesia. The surgery and the physical therapy afterwards went extremely smoothly and my post operative visits were filled with words of encouragement from Dr. Kaplan. He was as happy as I was that I could finally use my left arm to do the little things, like reaching behind my back, that everyone takes for granted and to do the big things, like driving and working out in the gym again.

Kevin Kaplan truly has a gift. He is not only able to perform miracles in the operating room with state of the art techniques but he is able to mindfully listen to his patients and be there for them every step of the way to recovery. Thank you Dr. Kaplan – You rock!!

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Shoulder Replacement

My introduction to Dr. Kaplan began on a beautiful April day in 2010. My oldest daughter and grandchildren ask me to play a round of tennis and without the proper footwear I agreed. As a competitive senior, I was running to return a serve and I crossed my feet and fell square on my right shoulder. The pain was more intense then anything I had ever encountered. My grandchildren called 911 and in minutes I was on my way to Baptist South. Having never broken a bone, I had no idea who to call to fix what obviously was a fractured shoulder. Luckily one of my son-in-laws was an Orthopaedic Implant Specialist who sold prosthetic devices to surgeons. He was always in the OR with the top surgeons in Florida and immediately had me transferred to Baptist Downtown. His comment was “there is only one surgeon that I want to have operate on you, his name is Kevin Kaplan and his technique is one of the best I have seen”.

Dr. Kaplan did a marvelous job with not only the surgery but his attention to me post-operatively was a surprise, he visited me in the hospital and even changed some dressings. Kevin has become a friend and I had the privilege of attending his & Darleen’s wedding last year.
This young and talented surgeon is not only a great surgeon he is a great human being and I am proud to be a friend…

Ken Simms

Ken S

Labral Repair – Shoulder Instability

What was your injury?

Torn Left Labrum

What were the symptoms and difficulty you were having as a result?

My shoulder felt very unstable and it would slide out of place during normal physical activities and even just walking. I could feel the pain in the back of my shoulder during the games, but I finished our entire season before I had surgery.

Let us know how Dr. Kaplan was able to diagnose and treat your injury.

I told Dr. Kaplan how I felt something was wrong with my shoulder and he examined it quickly diagnosing it with a torn labrum. He suggested a fluid MRI done so they can see closely the tear and how severe it was. Once he saw it was definitely my labrum and given my symptoms we went to get ready for surgery.

Please tell us the outcome of your surgery and how you are doing today.

My recovery time was about 8 months before I could return to full contact due to the extensive cleaning of cartilage and the 5 anchors that were put in my shoulder to repair the labrum. I did rehab every day for that time period to get my strength back in my shoulder. It felt very stable and very secure compared to how it was prior to the surgery. There was no movement out of place and it stopped sliding out. Once I felt it was stable enough I started pushing more weight on it and making sure it wouldn’t hurt. Once I was cleared, I returned to football practice, full go, and after my first one on one I knew it was back to almost normal just weak with some of my muscles in terms of football, which I corrected during the end of my rehab strengthening. I came back to play half way thru the season and finished strong like I was back to my old self. I had no doubts in my head about my injury and it hasn’t stopped me since.

I was told Dr Kaplan was one of the best young, up and coming doctors in Jacksonville and I felt very safe and secure with him. I trusted him and put my football career in his hands. I’m very thankful to Dr. Kaplan for fixing my Labrum and getting me back on the field 100%. If anyone asks who repairs torn shoulders, the best in Jacksonville, they already know my answer.

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Isaac M #66
Jacksonville Sharks
Arena Football

Shoulder Labral Repair

Dr. Kaplan,

I hope this message finds you well! I want to give you an update on my progress since my shoulder surgery on October 31, 2013 and just let you know how thankful I am for the great work you perform while repairing my completely torn labrum.

"I dealt with pain in my shoulder for nearly 4 months before getting a referral to see you. I developed a great deal of respect for you from the initial appointment because you gave me your honest assessment on what you would do if you were in my shoes. You also mentioned that you were not an "aggressive doctor/surgeon" which you further explained by saying that you just don’t immediately recommend surgery without going through all options.

After pointing out that fluid had form from the tear and was sitting on a nerve causing more pain, you recommended surgery since you would have to drain the fluid anyways so I went with that option. I am very happy that I did. First of all, I appreciate you switching your schedule around so I could use the weekend as more recovery time so I could miss less of work. Once the surgery was complete you didn’t just disappear but you were available by phone when I had questions which I also appreciate. I did everything that you advised me to do along with the help of my physical therapist which were great too.

I am now 16 months post surgery and my shoulder feels better than ever. I am back to using it full strength and participating in all the physical activities that I was doing before the injury (beach volleyball, weight training, and running).

Again, I greatly appreciate the pride you put into being the best orthopedic surgeon out there and whenever I hear people say they have shoulder pain I tell them to check out Dr. Kevin Kaplan at JOI.

Chris B

Shoulder Labral Repair

Prior to my senior season of high school baseball I had a problem with frequently dislocating my shoulder, which was later diagnosed as a torn labrum. My immediate thought was that I would be unable to play baseball again due to the severity of the injury, but with the help of Dr. Kaplan and his staff I could not have been more wrong. I had a tear of nearly my entire labrum and required nine anchors to secure my shoulder again. Through his tremendous work in surgery and great care not only was I able to play in the last game of my high school season, but I was also able to go on to extend my baseball career at the collegiate level.

During the summer before my junior year of college I was once again injured, this time with a broken clavicle. I communicated with Dr. Kaplan on his cell phone from the emergency room in New York where I was playing and was able to see him within the week. Once again I required surgery this time 10 screws and a plate to put my collarbone back into one piece. Dr. Kapaln’s remarkable ability in the operating room and prudent guidance have not only allowed me to play baseball at the collegiate level, but has also lead me to want to pursue a career in orthopedic sports medicine. I will forever be in debt to Dr. Kaplan.

Michael Simmons

Michael S
University of Montevallo
Baseball Outfielder

Labral Repair

Joshua Newkirk

I’m a former 4 year Student Athlete (Sport- Football) Spring of my sophomore I tore my labrum in my right shoulder and played with it all through my Junior season. I came to JOI after the season, where I met Dr. Kaplan. He tested my shoulder for strength and stability and ordered an MRI. It was not clear how significantly torn my labrum was until I went under the knife. After surgery I stayed in a sling as ordered. It was tighter than usual when it came off but like Dr. Kaplan said “Better tight than loose at first”. After five to six months of hard rehab and getting my rotation back I was back at 100% for my senior year. Today I’m a member of the Louisiana Swashbucklers (PIFL) playing linebacker with no shoulder problems in my right shoulder since. Since then, any time I have a sports injury I go to Dr. Kaplan.

Joshua N

Labral Repair

I am currently a Junior at University of North Florida pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. I had been a competitive baseball player since I was 10 yrs old and was playing at St. Johns State College when I developed pain in my right (throwing) shoulder during my freshman season. I finished the season but could not throw without pain. I took the summer off from playing and did rehab, to strengthen the shoulder. My first week back of my Sophomore year after only a few throws the pain returned even worse. After seeing the trainer and having an MRI Arthrogram it was determined that I had a Labral tear.

Helmsworth Testimonial

One of my teammates brothers previously had shoulder surgery by Dr. Kaplan and had returned to baseball and was pleased with his experience. After weighing my options with the team, I elected to have Dr. Kaplan preform the needed surgery in August of 2012. I followed the rehabilitation as directed by Dr. Kaplan and by The end of February 2013 I was back on the field, and part of the Conference Champion Team.

During my recovery and rehab time I discovered Crossfit and was getting stronger all the time. Thanks to Dr. Kaplan and the surgery 14 months after my shoulder surgery I was able to compete in my first Crossfit competition and won my division. My shoulder has never felt better or stronger. I have given up baseball for Crossfit and continue to train for my next competition.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone for their Orthopedic needs.

Mac Helmsworth

Mac H

Colby Simms

Labral Tear in a Pitcher

Our Son was a hard-throwing Pitcher who received a Baseball Scholarship to one of the best College Baseball programs in America in 2010. Within the first few weeks of practice in his first year of College, he began having discomfort in his throwing shoulder. After receiving an “inconclusive” MRI with team Doctors, he began a Physical Therapy regimen and was to be re-evaluated two months later. After doing research, we decided to bring our Son back to Jacksonville for a second opinion with Dr. Kaplan. An Arthrogram MRI was ordered for a better diagnosis, but Dr. Kaplan agreed after looking at his current medical information that therapy was a good option before any possible procedure. The new MRI provided a much clearer picture of our son’s condition, but the extent of the problem could not be fully recognized without arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Kaplan and our Son both agreed that surgery was the best option if our Son’s dream of a Baseball Career as a Pitcher was to be realized as he could not throw without pain.

Dr. Kaplan was able to clear an opening for surgery a couple of weeks later in November 2010. During surgery, Dr. Kaplan found cartilage pinned between the “ball and socket” in the shoulder that would have never been released from physical therapy, so the collective decision for surgery was confirmed as the correct choice. He repaired the shoulder in just over an hour and released our Son for recovery and Physical Therapy.

Over the next several months, Dr. Kaplan not only saw our Son on a regular basis for check-ups, but he made personal phone calls and texts all associated with his rehabilitation. He showed daily interest in our son’s progress and used encouragement, positive reinforcement and even sternness, whenever needed to keep our Son on a solid path to full recovery. He gave us his cell phone number for direct contact and provided “above and beyond” care before, during and after surgery.

Dr. Kaplan is an exceptional and innovative surgeon. He listened to our concerns and made the best decision for our Son. His training and expertise are impressive and state-of-the art. Dr. Kaplan’s “bedside manner” is unsurpassed. He truly cares about every patient. His recommended Physical Therapy and Pitching Rehabilitation protocols were outstanding. Our son is back on the mound doing what he loves at a high level and his dream of a Baseball Career as a Pitcher is now a reachable goal again. We give Dr. Kaplan and his team the highest of recommendations possible! A very scary and stressful time for our Family was changed the minute we walked into Dr. Kaplan’s office.

Jimmy and Lori S

Shoulder Labral Tear – Instability

I met Dr. Kaplan during baseball season of my junior year. It was the first day of baseball practice and I swung at an outside pitch. Seconds after swinging I felt a slight dislocation of my left shoulder. I knew something was wrong right when it happened. So the next day I had an appointment with Dr. Kaplan and he suggested that I should get an MRI. I got my MRI and went back to see Dr. Kaplan and he diagnosed me with a Torn Labrum in my left shoulder. At the time I was very upset because the torn labrum was the reason why I couldn’t play my junior year of baseball.

Dr. Kaplan suggested that I get surgery so that I would be able to play summer baseball. He
scheduled my surgery two days after I saw him and I was extremely nervous. He assured me that I would be back to normal in no time. So I decided to undergo surgery. I woke up from surgery and the first person I saw was Dr. Kaplan, letting me know how everything went and explaining how he found another tear that didn’t show up on my MRI. He made sure my shoulder was fully repaired before he was finished. I am currently 7 months out of my shoulder surgery and I feel better than ever. I am currently the starting quarterback on my football team as well as the starting
3rd baseman for my baseball team. I am very grateful to have a doctor like Dr. Kaplan.

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Kyle T

Labral Repair

In 2011, during my 8th grade Jr. High School baseball season and in the semi final game, a ball was hit to my left, as I dove to try to stop it. I landed on my left shoulder. Right when I hit the ground I felt a very uncomfortable dislocation in my shoulder. After awhile it didn’t seem to get any better so I went to see Dr. Kaplan. He requested that I get an MRI. The results showed that I had a torn cartilage in the left shoulder. Dr. Kaplan suggested I undergo surgery. It was not mandatory but if we didn’t fix this problem as soon as possible then it could just get worse especially if I reinjured it. I decided to finish out my season and then undergo the surgery during the summer, but during summer I happened to roll my ankle on first base while beating out a ground ball.

I went to Dr. Kaplan about this and he determined that it was a fractured growth plate in the left ankle. Having this injury delayed my surgery on the shoulder. But when it was finally time, the surgery went fantastic. He did an outstanding job. I started rehab at JOI rehabilitation center. Spending a while in there two days a week I was finally released from the sling and able to hit and start throwing again. Dr. Kaplan was there for me every step of the way and answered any questions I had for him. Now in 2012, I’m playing JV baseball for Fleming Island, diving and all. I really enjoyed my visits with Dr. Kaplan because he can relate to young patients very well. Dr. Kaplan has kept in touch with me and treats me like a good friend. Thank you for everything Dr. Kaplan. My shoulder is doing great!

Bryson Tuttle


Bryson T

Latarjet Procedure

Kevin WolffAfter a hard fall skiing in Lake Tahoe damaged my shoulder a number of years ago, I was left with a shoulder that was plagued by chronic instability. Almost anything would make it come dislocated which was both annoying and painful. I couldn’t enjoy playing sports such as basketball or go wakeboarding because there was always this fear of it popping out. The first attempt to address the issue, a soft tissue repair performed by another doctor, failed only six months after the surgery when a crowd surfer landed on me at a rock concert. Shortly after that, my arm began to dislocate more and more frequently, so I again decided I had to do something. Being less than impressed with both my first surgeon and the others in town, I knew I had to find the right guy for the job. I did some research and found Dr. Kaplan, who clearly was a distinguished surgeon with an impressive amount of experience even though he was relatively new to the field. I decided I wanted the best, and made the trip from Tallahassee to Jacksonville to meet him and his team.

Dr. Kaplan acted quickly to diagnose the cause of my instability and after an easy CT scan knew just what could be done to solve my issue, a laterjet procedure. He assured me that this procedure would not let me down; it was well known for its high success rate and would provide a permanent solution to my problem. Both the procedure and the follow up appointments went very smoothly with Dr. Kaplan, and along with physical therapy I was able to regain full use of my shoulder. It has been just over two years since my operation and my shoulder never felt this solid after my first surgery. I have been able to resume the sports I enjoy, including wakeboarding, swimming, and playing basketball and have never worried about my arm coming dislocated. Dr. Kaplan’s professional diagnosis and successful implementation of the laterjet procedure got me back on track, and for that I am very thankful.

Kevin W

Pectoralis Tendon Repair

My name is Manuel Joseph and I tore my right pectoral tendon in September 2009 while lifting weights in the gym. The injury occurred while I was bench pressing. I felt the tear immediately and fortunately I was with a friend who was able to pull the weights off my chest. The pain from that type of injury was immense. Dr. Kaplan was recommended to me and that was one of the best recommendations that I’ve ever received because he took time to ask questions about how I felt and combined that with what he saw from his initial review of my injury as well as the X-rays/MRI. My immediate concern was whether or not I could get back to where I was (physically) before the injury.

Dr. Kaplan provided me with information on how life would be with surgical and non-surgical measures for my injury. He was very professional and honest. I appreciate the fact that he provided options and let me decide. He was knowledgeable enough to provide the pros and cons of each decision. I elected to have the surgery and Dr. Kaplan was great. The surgery was a success and I was given detailed instructions of what I needed to do after the surgery so my rehabilitation and recovery would be a success.

Today, I am back to working out on a regular basis. My strength is back and my right pectoral tendon looks like my left pectoral tendon. There are no physical deformities, which was another big concern for me.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kaplan. He has a great reputation and is a great doctor. I advised him that he did something for me that no other doctor has ever done. He gave me his personal cell and advised me to call him at anytime if I had questions or concerns regarding my injury. To me, that is going above and beyond the call of duty. There were two instances where I had questions about my injury and my rehabilitation and I was able to speak with him directly. He kept his word and that meant a lot.

Manuel Joseph pic1   Manuel Joseph pic2

Thank you Dr. Kaplan!
Manuel J

Clavicle Fracture Repair

I was referred to Dr. Kaplan by a friend when I suffered a broken clavicle in a horseback riding accident. As a competitive rider, injury is always a concern but I had previously suffered only minor and occasional injuries. I was understandably distressed and concerned when I learned the extent of my injury. I was in a great deal of pain and unable to work, ride my horse, run or do much of anything. As an active, type A person my biggest concern was getting my full range of motion back as quickly as possible.

Dr. Kaplan allayed my concerns almost immediately. He listened to me and took into account my active lifestyle. As a result of the severe displacement, he determined that surgery to repair my clavicle using a plate would be the best option. He took ample time to discuss the procedure and its benefits at length with me. It was evident to me that patient care was just as important to him as the surgical aspects of my case. I went into my surgery feeling well informed and confident. When I woke up Dr. Kaplan was the first person I saw. I recovered quickly and Dr. Kaplan displayed the same level of dedication and commitment throughout my recovery and physical therapy. He was very collaborative and worked closely with me to ensure I could safely begin physical activity as soon as possible.

I was able to ride my horse again 6 weeks after my surgery and I believe Dr. Kaplan was almost as happy as I was (although he repeatedly told me I was not allowed to fall off). I have since regained full mobility and resumed riding competitively, running and have even started playing flag football. I have rarely encountered a physician as dedicated and involved as Dr. Kaplan. The extra care and time he took getting to know me and tirelessly answering all my questions made a difficult and unpleasant situation so much easier. His passion for his profession is evident and I have and would recommend him to my friends and acquaintances.

Rianne Harrison

Rianne H

Shoulder Decompression

Stacy RobesonI had injured my right shoulder in a fall and was in constant pain. I was unable to get a full night’s sleep being unable to get a comfortable position. I had limited use of my right arm because of the shoulder and even shaking hands or waving at someone required the use of my other arm to assist movement. I was as told repeatedly that repair was not possible as the tendons were torn and irreparable.

Dr. Kaplan was very kind and extremely courteous and genuinely interested in my problems. He refused to accept that nothing could be done.

Dr. Kaplan performed an arthroscopy procedure and found that some surgical repair was possible.

Now, after the surgery and physical therapy I have a much greater range of motion and absolutely no pain. I was able to return to working with show horses.

I am extremely happy to have found Dr. Kaplan.

Stacy R


I began to wonder if I would ever throw a baseball again without pain. I have played baseball and golf for as far back as I can remember and love both equally. I began having numbness and tingling into my right fingertips and extreme pain in my elbow when throwing so I made an appointment to see Dr Kevin Kaplan at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute for an evaluation. Dr Kaplan ordered x-rays and an MRI which confirmed that I would need to have a right elbow ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction (Tommy John Surgery) and an Ulnar Nerve transposition to alleviate the pain and numbness and tingling that I was experiencing. I was crushed to learn that I would miss my entire junior year of high school baseball and that I wouldn’t be able to participate in golf tournaments for many months. Dr Kaplan’s compassion, care and uplifting spirit helped to diminish the fear and anguish I was experiencing. I knew that I was in good hands and he would get me back to playing the sports I love.

Dr. Kaplan performed my surgery and therapy began shortly after. It was a hard road to recovery but I was able to make it back to playing the sports I love and leading the city in pitching for much of my senior baseball year.

Thanks to Dr Kaplan, I am now furthering my education and a proud member of the TCC Baseball Team.

Nicholas F1

Nicholas F.


As your knew nickname says thanks for the KK’s!!

You performed my son Easton’s Tommy J surgery and he threw in his first live game last night. He struck out his 1st 2 batters he faced and the 3rd popped up to pitcher. We just want to share the excitement with you!! Thank God for his blessing on your hands and mind, our family prays for you and yours. Thank You again for your commitment to your “craft”. Like I told you after the surgery, if Gods plan is baseball after high will be there with us on signing day. If not, it’s only baseball!!!!

Easton T1

Easton T

Bicep Tendon Repair

In May of 2012, while lifting weights at the gym, I was curling a fair amount of weight on the preacher bench when I felt something tear in my right arm as I set the bar down. It felt like a rope tore in my arm, and I immediately knew something was wrong.

I first spoke to Dr. Howard Weiss, a long time friend and colleague at Brooks Rehabilitation, about what happened to my arm. Dr. Weiss ordered an MRI and was able to determine that I had a near total tear of my dominant hand bicep tendon. Bad news for sure, but he also told me some good news about knowing one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Jacksonville that might be able to do surgery to repair the torn tendon.This surgeon was Dr. Kevin Kaplan of the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute.

Dr. Weiss contacted Dr. Kaplan by text message while he was on vacation, and amazingly,
Dr. Kaplan sent a message back that he would squeeze me in as soon as he returned to what was already a very full schedule. In less than a week after my injury, I had my first appointment with Dr. Kaplan, which was especially important since time is of the essence with this type of injury. Dr. Kaplan conducted the exam and reviewed my films and confirmed surgery to repair the tendon would produce the best outcome. I was immediately impressed with his competence, confidence, and friendly/affable demeanor. He made it seem like doing this surgery was a relatively simple procedure, which in turn made me certain it was the right course with the right doctor.

We scheduled the surgery for that Thursday and I found both him and his staff to be very reassuring prior to the procedure. After the surgery Dr. Kaplan spoke directly to my wife about how well the procedure had gone and what to expect during recovery, and he even provided his direct cell number in case we needed to contact him. This was very comforting.

Two days later, at a sports related educational conference sponsored by Brooks Rehabilitation being held at Jacksonville University, Dr. Kaplan was doing a presentation on one of his specialties, sports related upper extremity injuries. I had planned on attending the conference before my injury, but so soon after my surgery I was uncertain if I could or should go. I did end up going to the conference and attended Dr. Kaplan’s presentation. Of course my arm was bandaged up and in a sling, and many in attendance just assumed I was one of Dr. Kaplan’s case studies! After the presentation, I ran into Dr. Kaplan at the back of the hall and he proceeded to exam my arm and test my range of motion. He told me that my procedure had gone well and that he anticipated a very good recovery as long as I did not overdo it and allowed the tendon to heal properly. He also showed me how to do some ranging exercises that would help as I recovered.

I met with Dr. Kaplan regularly over the next several months as he monitored my progress during recovery. He removed my splint on the very first visit (I have to admit I was glad to see it go) and I was very impressed with how scrupulous and precise he had been suturing the incision. Dr. Kaplan said he takes pride in this stitching technique, which minimizes scarring, much like a plastic surgeon would do. I also appreciated that Dr. Kaplan understands that having to forgo exercising for someone like me who is so accustomed to working out regularly is difficult, and he made adjustments and accommodations as best he could without sacrificing recovery.

As I write this, I am four months post injury and I already have full range of motion of my arm and am back to lifting weights. Of course starting out I am working with less weight, but I anticipate being back to using the weights I did before my injury in no time. It’s difficult to express how happy I am with the outcome and with the quality of JOI’sservices and staff (both in the office and in the surgical suite). Most of all I am happy and grateful about the care I received from Dr. Kaplan. There are only superlatives to describe the quality of care he provides to his patients and the care he provided to me. As someone who also treats patients, I can especially appreciate his competence and dedication, as well as his skill as a surgeon. He is confident in his abilities while also being very down to earth. And I really appreciate that he understands the research literature about the condition and how it relates to the care he provides. In summary, he is a dedicated and gifted physician and surgeon, and an exceptionally good human being.

Russell Addeo

Russell A

Bicep Repair

It was late December and I was on a duck hunting trip with my family. I was waist deep in a swamp and knee deep in mud when the first ducks flew overhead. As I swung my gun to take my first shot my foot stuck in the mud. I kept swinging as I followed the ducks and as I shot the second time I lost my balance and I began falling head first into the water. I grabbed a tree with my left arm at the last second to stop the fall and it worked. Unfortunately my left bicep ripped away from elbow…

The following day I was in an appointment with Dr. Kaplan. After living through the embarrassment of retelling the tragic duck hunting story and explaining to him how tough ducks are today he moved quickly to diagnose the extent of the damage in my arm. I still do not know how he did it but he had me scheduled for an MRI later that same day and called me with the results early the next morning. I was not surprised to learn that my injury would require surgery but I was surprised to find out that he would change his flight plans on New Year’s Eve to work my surgery in before leaving for New York to see his fiancé. WOW what a doctor!! Until the day before I had never seen or heard of Dr. Kaplan and here he was moving his personal plans around to take care of me. Needless to say, I am his biggest fan and to prove that, I have referred several patients over the past two years. 100% of my referrals feel as fortunate as I do to have found Kevin Kaplan. My sons play college football at Wake Forest and Cornell and Dr. Kaplan is always my first call when we are dealing with their injuries. Thank you Kevin for treating us like we are family!!

You will be happy to learn that I am back out in the woods and feeling better than ever. I pity the duck that tries to mess with me now!!

Jeff B
Fearless Duck Hunter

Tommy John – Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

tommy johnIt was in my 9th grade summer when I had a pain in my elbow every time I threw a baseball, it started out only a few times during a game but when the pain hit, it was so bad I couldn’t straighten my arm out. I never experienced pain while I was batting or playing the field whether it was outfield or first base, my elbow only hurt when I was on the mound. At first when I started throwing it wouldn’t hurt, as I kept throwing the pain would build up to the point where I couldn’t throw anymore. The pain was sharp and stinging located on the inside & back portion of my left elbow, it was so painful at times I could not even extend my arm at some points. I had tried several alternatives from complete shut down, video taping of my pitching mechanics with PT that lasted about 1 year without resolution of the pain until another physician recommended I see Dr. Kaplan.

The end of December 2011 Dr. Kaplan ordered a CT scan on my left elbow which showed I had some bone fragments that was more than likely causing the pain in my left elbow when I was throwing from an ulnar collateral ligament tear. So on March 4, 2011 I was scheduled for surgery to remove the bone fragments and possibly an ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction. During the surgery it was discovered that my UCL happened to be attached to one of the bone fragments so during the surgery I had UCL reconstruction, also known as “Tommy John Surgery”. The outcome of my surgery was excellent. I am now pain free in my elbow. I rehabbed for well over 10 long months to regain my strength. Now I am back out on the ball field pitching, playing the sport I love and doing it all pain free thanks to Dr. Kaplan.

My elbow is great and I’m pitching at the University of Florida!


Tyler D

Tricep Repair

March 2011 I was working out on the bench press and suffered a complete tear of my right triceps tendon. I made a call the next day and explained what had happened to staff at JOI and Dr. Kaplan made time to see me that day. He also scheduled a MRI that afternoon and adjusted he schedule to fit me in for surgery the next day. The day after surgery I received a telephone call from Dr. Kaplan making sure that I was doing ok, which says volumes for his dedication and care for his patients.

Dr. Kaplan followed my recovery very closely and gave me all the support and knowledge I needed to make a complete from my injury.

December 2012 after making a complete recovery from my triceps injury I continued to suffer from shoulder pain in my right shoulder and was limited on many of the physical activities that I have always enjoyed. Dr. Kaplan diagnosed my problem as a torn biceps tendon and once again worked around his schedule to fit me in and take care of my injury on short notice. I have never had a Dr. more willing to work with me to meet my needs than Dr. Kaplan and I am very grateful for the phone calls after surgery and the detail that Dr. Kaplan put into my day by day recovery for both of my injuries. I am back in the gym with no pain and enjoying all my outside activities once again.

Myron Thomas pic1   Myron Thomas pic2

Myron T

Lateral Epicondylitis

Rick Lucas with Kevin M. Kaplan MDI was introduced to Dr. Kaplan in Sept. of 2010 due to an elbow injury that I had self-diagnosed as “tennis elbow”. I was experiencing severe, sharp pain in my elbow with normal activity. I had tried apparatuses (velcro strap, etc.) recommended by my pharmacist and over the counter pain relievers, with no relief. After the pain became more intense and began affecting my sleep, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Kaplan at JOI.

Dr. Kaplan examined me and said he suspected tendon damage. He then ordered an MRI which revealed exactly that. He explained that I had a tear that needed to be repaired with surgery. He asked me if I knew how the injury occurred and if it was sport related and I told him I knew exactly when it happened – during an intense game of darts!

We scheduled the surgery for the tendon repair. This being my first surgery of any kind, I was naturally apprehensive, but Dr. Kaplan took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and exactly what I should expect during surgery and recovery. This made me feel very comfortable with proceeding with the surgery, which was a success. I had immediate relief of the symptoms and after physical therapy a full recovery.

Dr. Kaplan was very professional, knowledgable, and at the same time extremely personable. Upon meeting him, I observed that he is very passionate about his work and thoroughly enjoys it. I was very impressed with the personal interest he took in me, going so far as to call me himself the day after the surgery to check on my condition. Because of his personal interest in me, I looked forward to my follow-up visits, because I felt like I had made a friend. I have recommended his services to several family members and friends, who have also had great experiences with him. I hope I never need an orthopedic surgeon again, but if I do, Dr. Kaplan will be my man!

Rick L

Lateral Epicondylitis – Tennis Elbow

TestamonyIt is with great pleasure that I can attest to the outstanding care I received from Dr. Kevin Kaplan. With complaints of right arm and elbow pain along with an increasing inability to grasp, push or pull Dr. Kaplan diagnosed me with a right elbow lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). His initial course of treatment was a conservative one with medications, steroid injections, splinting and physical therapy. When those measures were unsuccessful in resolving my persistent pain, Dr. Kaplan then scheduled me for an MRI and recommended a surgical approach. The pre-op preparation, the surgery, the rehab and all of the follow-up visits with Dr. Kaplan were exceptional to say the least. My pain was resolved and I was subsequently able to resume all normal activities.

I feel that I received the royal treatment from Dr. Kaplan, as do all of his patients, I am sure. He was caring and compassionate and professional in his approach. He took the time to explain all of my options, the course of treatment and the expected outcome and he always appeared genuinely concerned regarding my progress. He listened to me and heard what I was telling him, which is not something you find regularly. As a medical professional, Dr. Kaplan exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome from my surgery and the care I received. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone, friends or family. He is truly the BEST!


Connie V


Hamstring Avulsion

John MI experienced a catastrophic injury while wake skating. I tore my hamstring off the bone which is known as a hamstring avulsion. I was unable to walk without limping and could not bend my leg backwards. My wife works in the medical field and was given some advice to seek out Dr. Kaplan. I did my homework and was very impressed with Dr. Kaplan’s credentials and experience. I saw him and after that initial consultation I knew he was the Doctor for me. He immediately ordered an MRI and called me very soon after to give me the news no patient wants to hear, that I would require surgery to resume my normal active life. What impressed me most about Dr. Kaplan was that he went far beyond just being an Orthopaedic Surgeon. He gave me his personal cell phone number and I called him later that evening to talk through the surgery. I never felt rushed and he took the time to put me at ease. He was very honest, talking about the risks and letting me know that this was the best course of action for me based on the injury and my desire to continue leading an active lifestyle. The surgery went extremely well and he would often check in with me post op to see how I was feeling. Thanks to Dr. Kaplan and his team of professionals, I made a full recovery and was back on the water within 6 months after completing rehab.

John M


Wanted to say THANK YOU to my JOI team who were instrumental in helping me achieve my ultimate dream recently.

To Chris who worked with me through my in-office appointments and MRI, Dr Kaplan for performing a fantastic surgery to remove the bone spurs and clean up this completely-worn-out-knee and Justin who worked with me throughout my rehab: I am eternally grateful. My dream trip would not have been possible without a successful team effort from diagnosis to surgery to rehab (and the poor soul who had to back up his original surgery date because he tested positive for Covid). I am stoked to finally claim I successfully went heli-skiing in Alaska a couple weeks ago. We ski'd damn near close to 20,000 vertical ft that day and the knee felt great ALL day. It was a completely surreal experience. So again, thank you all so much for taking such great care of me. Cheers!

David A3   David A2

David A pic

David A

Mark Cornett Sr. recommends Jacksonville Orthopaedic-Institute:

I walked around in pain for years certain nothing could be done and if I did get an operation it would be worse. Finally broke down and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Kevin Kaplan. He explained my options and best course of action. He fit me into his busy schedule and did the procedure within weeks of seeing me. I cant remember my knee EVER feeling this good. Recovery was unbelievably quick. The administration and nursing staff were incredible. "Waiting rooms" should have a name change because you are in and out in no time. Everything about the experience was 5 star. Thanks JOI!!! I hope I don't need your services again; but if I do I am calling Dr. Kaplan/JOI."

Mark C

In 2015 I was diagnosed with bilateral patellar tendonitis. From there I went through numerous weeks of physical therapy with very little success. With my lacrosse season starting up soon, I decided to wear a knee brace and play through the pain. This only got me so far as by the end of my junior year, in 2017, my patellar tendonitis had only gotten worse.

I went to the doctor again and kept getting the same two options: either to go to physical therapy and play through the pain, or to completley quit lacrosse altogether. With no success in physical therapy and not wanting to even think about the latter option, I decided to seek a second opinion. I have heard about Dr. Kevin Kaplan’s expertise in orthopedics and innovative techniques to help with knee pain and to strengthen the knees.

Dr. Kaplan’s evaluation provided me with alternatives such as the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection, which was the first time I had heard of another option. He explained the procedure to me in detail and was patient to answer any questions and concerns that I had. After the injection, my knees were sore for two days and my range of motion was limited. After a week, I was able to have full range of motion. It took twelve weeks for a full recovery.

After the twelve weeks, I was able to play lacrosse again and do things such as run and make cuts that I was unable to do before the procedure. In my senior season of lacrosse I had no pain and played the best that I have ever played. I finished the season with 48 goals and 20 assists through 12 games and couldn’t be any happier with the performance that I had all thanks to the procedure that strengthened my knees and got me back to playing the sport that I love.

Patrick S1   Patrick S2

Patrick S

Thank you so much for my strong and stable knee and for giving me another year on the roar. I am able to do what I love everyday and work out even harder than I used to, and that is ONLY possible because of you. I even got my fastest 5K time ever over thanksgiving and have 3 new 1st place plaques hanging on my wall, and I am reminded of how grateful I am for you and JOI everytime I look at them. Thank you for taking the time to work with me and for being patient with me when I wanted to start doing everything before I was supposed to! Out of the 3 acl surgery/recovery processes I had to go through before I met you, JOI was by FAR the best experience I’ve had. The jaguars are so lucky to have you. Thank you for ALL of your hard work both on the field and behind the scenes. I would not be where I am today, doing what I do if it wasn’t for you and your team.



ACL Reconstruction

Dr. Kaplan,

Thank you for the extraordinary contribution you’ve made to our daughters future. Obviously the surgical correction you provided through an ACL reconstruction has allowed her to remain active and fulfill her dream of playing college soccer. Even more impactful than the surgery has been the support you’ve given her by always being available and interested in her progress. It’s hard to believe given your commitments. We can’t thank you enough.


ACL Reconstruction

In November of 2010, I tore the ACL in my left knee for the first time playing soccer in the finals at CASL as a freshman in high school. I had it replaced by a cadaver ACL the following month by another orthopedic surgeon in Jacksonville and began the long rehab process. I resumed play 9 months later in September of 2011. October was when the new injuries began. The first was a meniscus tear, followed by multiple bone contusions in my knee, a strained MCL and finally a more serious meniscus tear in January. When the injuries began, I was concerned, so I sought consultation from my first surgeon who gave my claims very little attention and wrote my injuries off as being related to some type of kneecap problem. Not impressed with the level of seriousness with which my injuries were being addressed, I went in search of a second opinion.

I had heard Dr. Kaplan’s name mentioned by other athletes who’d had him for a surgeon and who were more than satisfied with their results. He, unlike my other doctor, was very intrigued and concerned with my description of what had been occurring with regards to my knee over the past month or 2. He determined that all of the injuries that I had suffered since I resumed play were ACL related, meaning that typically the ACL’s purpose in the knee was to prevent the very instability and injuries that I was experiencing.

The obvious assessment then would have been that my ACL was torn, however, he had already determined that my ACL was in tact, so there had to be some other issue. He soon discovered after performing a pivot shift simulation on my knee in his office that although my ACL was not torn, it also was not functional. Somehow the ACL was not serving its purpose inside my knee and so no matter how hard I worked to rehab it, my knee would never be safe to play on as long as I had this unstable ACL. Dr. Kaplan being the generous man he is and understanding my plea, gave me permission to finish out my high school post-season that year in a brace (which paid off because I ended up starting in the State Finals). Then it was time for another surgery, this time a reconstruction surgery where my new ACL would be constructed out of my own patella tendon. Dr. Kaplan knew that after what my knee had been through and the amount of cartilage that I had lost over the course of those 2 and a half years, my future as a player was pretty uncertain and potentially pretty bleak, but he never ever discouraged me. I did all my rehab at the JOI facility, during which time Dr. Kaplan would sometimes stop in just to check up on me and also insisted that he see me at least once every month so that he could see for himself how I was doing. This was a level of care and concern for my knee that I had not experienced before.

Dr. Kaplan is truly one of a kind in how thorough and serious and concerned he is with each and every patient. I ended up leaving PT with a 0.0% deficit between my right and left quad muscles which is a testament in itself to Dr. Kaplan and the PT department. Dr. Kaplan was also amazingly accessible. When I was at state cup and the officials were giving me a hard time about my knee brace Dr. Kaplan personally called the tournament director to speak on my behalf. Also, I could always text him with my concerns and he would always respond right away and reassure me. Lastly, he really cared about how everything turned out for me and he made a point to come watch me play a game even though I know he has an insanely busy schedule. To sum all of this up, being a patient of his was an amazing experience, and I owe the fact that I got to play my first full season of high school soccer this year entirely to him. I was able to captain my team to the Final Four, make the local all-star team, the all-star team for the whole state, 1st team for the First Coast area, and MVP of my team thanks to Dr. Kaplan. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.



ACL reconstruction

In the spring of 2012, I tore my right ACL and injured several other parts of my knee. I was devastated and questioned whether or not I would ever be able to play football again. I came in to see Dr. Kaplan (who I knew nothing about at the time) and he gave me hope to get back on the field. He surgically repaired my knee to an even better state than before my injury. Throughout my rehabilitation, Dr. Kaplan continued to check in on me and see through my progress back to the gridiron. He pointed me in all the right directions to get to the next point in my rehab, every step of the way. Because of his awesome work, I was able to play my whole senior season of varsity football as the team captain and the leader of the defense.

Testimonial     Testimonial1

Devin G

ACL reconstruction

I recommend everyone to Dr. Kaplan. He has helped me through ACL surgeries on both of my knees. Freshman year I tore my left knee. Because I tore it the first day of tryouts, I was out for the entire season. After a successful surgery and rehab, my friend and also teammate convinced me to play junior year. I thought to myself, “What are the chances of you tearing your other ACL?” Well sure enough during the fourth game of the season I tore the ACL on my opposite leg. The trainer at my school worked at JOI and she called Kaplan right away. I got an appointment immediately.

Dr. Kaplan didn’t have to tell me I needed surgery, I already knew from my left knee. Sitting on the sideline watching my team play was probably the hardest thing I had to do. I was determined to play again. I had surgery and finished six months of physical therapy then soccer tryouts came around and I was back out there thanks to Dr. Kaplan. He supported me even though everyone thought I was crazy for wanting to play soccer again. I can say I completed a high school soccer season and I owe it all to Dr. Kaplan. It meant so much to me that he came to my senior night to watch me play!

Amanda Thomas1

Amanda T
Bishop Snyder 2013
ACL Soccer injury

When I saw Dr. Kaplan point to a picture of the inside of my knee and utter the words “tear in you acl” I didn’t know what to think. I’ve been playing soccer my entire life, on school and club teams that have made it to the biggest stages possible. When I discovered I had a torn acl, I figured soccer was pretty much over. I twisted my knee in a soccer game, and heard a distinct popping noise; I knew it couldn’t be good. My knee felt weak and I could bend it about half the distance I could normally. I was scared about what I might be told.

But Dr. Kaplan guaranteed me that I would play again. He sent me to physical therapy right away, even before surgery, to help strengthen the muscles around my knee and better prepare it for the stress of surgery. I was confident about the surgery by the time it rolled around. Dr. Kaplan explained exactly what he’d be doing, the discomfort I could expect after surgery, and the recovery process I would undergo. I never had many questions for Dr. Kaplan in my pre-surgery appointments, but the both of us had to withstand my mother’s barrage of concerns. I commend him for that.

I never really considered Dr. Kaplan just a doctor. He was more like a good friend with some extremely useful expertise. We were always friendly and had normal conversations, not just the typical question and answer dialogue you’d expect at a doctor’s office. It was especially cool to see him in the stands at the district championship game of my senior high school season. I really appreciated him coming to watch me play.

He performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee, using my patella tendon as a replacement for my torn acl. After a few weeks on crutches I was walking again, with a brace of course, but walking nonetheless. With all the physical therapy and rehab exercises my knee was feeling stronger and stronger. But I knew it would be about a year before I could play soccer again. I had to force myself to refrain from physical activity.

At the nine month mark, post-surgery, Dr. Kaplan told me I was okay to play. Only nine months after having my acl replaced I was able to play soccer at the same highly competitive level I had before. Today, I don’t even notice that I had surgery on my knee. It feels just as good as ever and I can do just anything I choose to participate in. I can’t thank Dr. Kaplan enough for what he’s done for me.

Matthew Simons   Matthew Simons1

Matthew S

ACL reconstruction

Josh Propst PA-CIn February of 2010 while playing basketball with my wife, I jumped to get a rebound and heard the all too familiar sound of the ACL in my right knee tearing. I knew before the pain hit me that I tore my ACL because it was the third time that I had done so, once on the left, and now twice on the right. At the time I was getting my masters as a Physician Assistant and was very disappointed and dreading having to go through the pain of surgery and long rehab again. Over time the pain and instability in my knee were unbearable, I didn’t have full range of motion and I couldn’t even walk down stairs without horrible pain and/or the feeling of instability. So I made the decision to see an orthopedic surgeon. Immediately after meeting Dr. Kaplan I felt at ease. We spoke about ACL reconstruction and how the surgery had changed since 1997 when I had the first surgery, and about the techniques that he planned to use to minimize my pain and optimize my recovery.

I had my surgery in March of 2010 and went home the same day, and started rehab within two days of surgery. In comparison to the two other ACL reconstructions I have had, the pain was minimal and the return to normal range of motion and stability was much faster. He personally called me a few times over the next week to check in and see how I was recovering. He was very flexible about working with my schedule for follow ups, the surgery, and rehab. Now I am almost two years post-op I have no limitations in exercise and my knee feels great.

I thought so much of Dr. Kaplan and his work that I did one of my rotations with him through my PA program, and every patient I met had the same opinion regarding Dr. Kaplan that is he is a skilled surgeon and a great person, and I can’t thank him enough.

Josh P., PA-C

ACL Reconstruction

It was my first season playing lacrosse, and I had made the varsity team at my high school. I was super excited to be playing, and I was going to be starting in the first game. The day before, I ran on the field at practice to block an attacker from scoring and felt my knee fall out from under me. There was a very loud pop that everyone on my
team heard, and I sat on the ground trying not to cry for a few minutes until I had the strength to limp over to the bench. Luckily, the trainer at my school worked for JOI and got me an appointment with Dr. Kaplan as soon as possible.

I went through X-rays and an MRI so we could try to figure out why my leg was buckling underneath me and why I couldn’t walk without pain. Dr. Kaplan comforted me even though he bore the awful news of my ACL being torn, and we made the decisions that would allow me to play sports for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for both him and my physical therapist. I started going to physical therapy before the ACL reconstructive surgery to strengthen my muscles so when I was in recovery, they wouldn’t lose their strength. This helped me so much post-surgery because I did not have to work as hard to regain my range of motion and had a head start on regaining my muscle tone. The arthroscopic surgery went smoothly (I used a hamstring from the same leg) and I was on crutches for a few weeks, but then walking with a brace after that.

I went to PT 2-3 times a week, and was I able to run five months afterwards. I was able to swim on the varsity swim team for my 3rd year in a row just six months after. I was so happy, and although I had limitations at first, throughout the season I could do more and I had some of my fastest times yet. I saw Dr. Kaplan for multiple visits, and at the nine month mark I was cleared do everything. I am so grateful Dr. Kaplan was my surgeon and everything went so well. I have no complaints about the entire experience and my knee feels stronger than ever today!

Lucy Reeder pic1 Lucy Reeder pic2
Lucy Reeder pic3


Lucy R

Multiple Ligament Reconstruction (ACL/PCL/MCL)

I have always loved to ride motorcycles. My Mom hates this and even though I’m 56 years old, my Mom still hates motorcycles. Ha! Ha! But that is not why I ride. I started riding motorcycles in my teens and never looked back. I believe motorcycle riding is the best way to travel if there is no rain involved. I also believe that a strong faith and a motorcycle ride can cleans the soul and even mend a broken heart. Since my retirement from the U. S. Army in 2008, every day without rain is a great day to ride. I have experienced two lower back surgeries and a neck fusion surgery since 1998 due to injuries caused by my work in the Army as a Supply Sergeant. Sometimes I experience a great deal of pain due to my spinal condition. Motorcycle riding is awesome therapy for things like pain, dealing with problems and decisions and matters of the heart to name a few. I have often been told by non riders that “those things (meaning motorcycles) are gonna kill me”. If I am killed by riding motorcycles, than I will die doing something I truly love to do. Sometime in November of 2010, I left my house in Elkton, Florida on one of my motorcycles. I was going to meet my son at his house off of Old St. Augustine Road in Mandarin in Jacksonville, Florida. My son Kameron and I were going to ride what we call the Fernandina Beach loop on our motorcycles. Kam had learned how to ride motorcycles safely and correctly at an early age and this route was one of our favorite rides. As I approached the Old St. Augustine Road exit going North on I-95, I experienced a sciatic cramp in my right leg as I entered onto the exit ramp. At 60 mph I had to think fast. Sciatic cramps will cause you to straighten out whichever leg gets cramped. This is not usually a disastrous situation unless you are slowing down on a high speed exit ramp and you need your right foot to operate the rear brake on the bike. There are also balance concerns, gear downshifting, leaning inertia and gravity issues as well as other motorists. Realizing that I was not going to make the exit ramp curve and slow down in time, I straightened up the bike, and went into the grass. I was doing OK until the front wheel lost traction on the sand and dry grass and I pulled the bike down on the low side (right). Now I was sliding on the right side of the bike in the sand and grass. I felt the edge of the sole of my right boot catch in the sand and grass. My right leg began to flex outward at the knee until it got resistance from the ligaments around the knee and the knee itself. It felt like my right leg from the knee down was being pulled off. I was taken to the ER at Baptist Medical South, which was at that exit. I received X-Rays and was examined. I didn’t have any cuts or scratches and no broken bones. Thanks to the awesome protective gear I always wear, my head and external body was safe and not mangled.

After the accident my right leg was weak and although I could walk, there was no strength in that leg. I went to the Southeast Jacksonville Branch of the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute and was examined by Doctor Solis. After the MRI imagery and examination by Doctor Solis, Dr. Solis said I had torn two ligaments on the left side of my right knee completely in half! Dr. Solis is a knee specialist and said the damage was beyond his scope of expertise. Dr. Solis said that I would have to see master (genius) of orthopedic knee repair. I was referred to Dr. Kevin Kaplan of the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute. When I met with Dr. Kaplan for the fist time, I was impressed by his awesome knowledge of the knee and his understanding of my injury. I felt sure that if there was a way to restore my knee to good working order that Dr. Kaplan would be able to do it. Dr. Kaplan indicated that due to the extent of the injuries to my Anterior Cruciate Ligament and my Posterior Cruciate Ligament that they would have to be reconstructed! I was amazed that this was even an option. Dr. Kaplan also indicated that he would be able repair the Medial Collateral Ligament as well as some of the damage to the knee itself. This was awesome news because it meant that I would be able to ride motorcycles again as well as I ever had!

The operation was scheduled and was a complete success with no complications! Dr. Kaplan had done what I did not think was even an option. After Physical Therapy by Ryan Wooley at Star Physical Therapy in St. Augustine, I was able to walk and ride as well as I ever had. Dr. Kaplan is a genius at Orthopedic Medicine and a great person. I never once felt like he was not capable of doing what he said he could do. I think about Dr. Kaplan whenever I am doing something that I would not be able to accomplish without Dr. Kaplan‘s mastery at Orthopedic Surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone who is experiencing problems and has the opportunity to be one of Dr. Kaplan‘s successes. Thank you Doctor Kaplan for restoring my life and my abilities.

Kevin Kelly pic1 Kevin Kelly pic2
Kevin Kelly pic3


Kevin K

ACL/PCL reconstruction

I love Dr. Kaplan! Why? I will never forget the afternoon I got sent to Baptist Hospital after initially checking into JOI for tests on my leg to make sure I did not have a blood clot. That afternoon turned into evening at the Hospital. It was hours of waiting in a room and my friend, Katie, and I were getting restless and loopy. And who walks in to our surprise? Dr. Kaplan! He just came over to the hospital to check on me! Mind you it was after normal working hours and in the evening! I’ve been conditioned to think that you go to the doctor, he tells you what’s wrong and you go on your way and you see him again at the next visit. What the hey?!? How awesome was that? I was so touched and impressed with Dr. Kaplan after that visit that I vowed to impress him and heal as quick as I could. Dr. Kaplan gives his work that extra special something. I learned it that evening and on many occasions after that. Sometimes during a not-so-fun time at rehab, I would just wish for some advice. And in would walk Dr. Kaplan out of the blue during my rehab appointment and stop by for a quick chat!

I had torn multiple ligaments in my knee and Dr. Kaplan was able to reconstruct them arthroscopically. In the beginning during our initial visits, I would joke with him and my physical therapist, Robbie, that my goal was to run the Gate River Run the next year. Not once did they discourage me or put me down. In fact they did the opposite. They only encouraged and advised me how to proceed and what to aim for in my daily and weekly progress. I’m sure Dr. Kaplan has seen many kinds of injuries and helped all walks of life. Of all people, he would know what to expect in a patient’s progress. I am impressed that he did not put that burden on me. He let me progress how I wanted to heal. Sure there were what to expect talks. But never talks of what I couldn’t do. There were always words of caution but never words of negativity.

I will never forget Dr. Kaplan for what he has done for my knee! His smile, his boundless energy and the joy he brings to his work and his patients! I’m proud to call him my doctor and my friend!

Jeff Manalo pic1 Jeff Manalo pic2
Jeff Manalo pic3


Jeff M

I am 53 years old, avid surfer, kite surfer, snowboarder, free diver.
I am the owner / founder of the Salt Life brand.
I am passionate with board sports, ocean related activities and travel the globe surfing and snowboarding.
I had an unfortunate accident on a skateboard at high speeds that caused my MCL to be torn from the Tibia and the PCL was shredded.
I had no choice but to get reconstructive surgery.
I heard of great things that Dr. Kaplan was doing from the underground surf and wakeboard community. Of course I met with him immediately. I also met with several other top surgeons in Jacksonville.
Bottom line, it was an easy decision choosing Dr. Kaplan.
Dr. Kaplan got me scheduled immediately. Surgery was a breeze and I was off the pain meds after one day. Once Dr. Kaplan began the procedure, he found my MCL was not only torn from the bone, it was dangling in such a way that it would have never healed. He re attached the MCL to the Tibia using several screws that would eventually dissolve. He also cleaned up the PCL enabling it to rebuild itself during my recovery.
I recently had an MRI done and there was no evidence of the screws and the MCL was perfectly intact.
I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kaplan for any athlete that has suffered a Knee injury. You wont find a better more knowledgeable and caring person. I understand that many athletes that are injured doing board sports use Dr. Kaplan. He is well versed in what it takes to get these guys back out there enjoying their lifelong passions.
On a side note, one of my good friends underwent shoulder surgery with Dr. Kaplan and he is 100%!

Richard T pic1 Richard T pic2

Thank you Dr. Kaplan
Richard T

Meniscus Repair

Dr. Kaplan,

I had surgery on my medial meniscus and want to thank you for an excellent job. The entire process was a great experience. You and your team were very successful in repairing my knee. I never think about it and am 100% functional. I am even growing stronger and more agile. I am in the best shape of my life. Thanks again and special thanks to my therapist Theresa Adams who helped me in rehab…5 STARS!


Meniscus Repair

Hays LewallenI’m 46 years old and a former college wrestler. I have had several arthroscopic surgeries on my right knee in the past including a total reconstruction of my ACL and meniscal repair. I recently had new meniscal problems.Dr. Kaplan repaired my knee, doing only what was required. I ran the Gate River Run with
no complications. Being in surgical sales for 11 years, I have seen numerous arthroscopies and appreciate his efforts to diagnose and perform the required surgery. Thank you Dr. Kaplan!

Hays Lewallen

Meniscus Repair

While walking around the Jacksonville Jaguars facility on a game day last fall prior to kickoff, I came across Dr. Kevin Kaplan walking down the hallway as well. We started talking and he noticed I was in an obvious limp. He was concerned and asked me what happened. Prior to talking to him I was told I had a MCL sprain, but simply based on my story of how I injured myself Dr. Kaplan instantly felt that I had a meniscus tear. We set up an MRI a couple weeks later and that is exactly what it was.

On December 8th, 2011 Dr. Kaplan performed a partial meniscectomy on the medial meniscus of my left knee. Once going in, he noticed it was more significant than what the MRI showed. Nonetheless he performed the operation and smoothed everything out. Amazingly I was able to put pressure and walk the day of surgery and two days after I was completely off crutches. I never once felt any bit of pain or lack of comfort. This was surprising to me because I had never had surgery prior to this. After going through rehabilitation to strengthen my leg muscles that shut down due to the injury, I have been back to participating in the activities I enjoy doing. I play basketball a couple times a week, softball on the weekends, workout every day, and most recently got back into running. On March 10, just over 3 months after surgery, I completed the Gate River Run (15k) without any pain.

Looking at my knee you can’t even tell a surgery was performed, but I can’t thank Dr. Kaplan enough for the care he provided and the constant contact I was able to have both before and after surgery. Even to this day he has asked how I’ve been doing and that means a lot. Dr. Kaplan represents all that is good in the medical field and I’m certainly glad I was in the hands of one of the best.

2012 Jacksonville Gate River Run
2012 Jacksonville Gate River Run 1   2012 Jacksonville Gate River Run 2

Brandon R

Meniscus Repair

Peter ScottI had injured my left knee in the Spring of 2010. I remember planting my foot and when I went to turn my body my left foot stayed stationary, resulting in me twisting my knee. I immediately could not walk without having my leg bent. I was unable to put full pressure on my left leg and was unable to fully bend at the knee or to have full extension of it.

I was immediately referred to the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute by a family member. I met with Dr. Kaplan the next day. He suspected a torn meniscus which was confirmed the following day by an MRI. Dr. Kaplan talked about physical therapy and other treatments for this type of injury. Due to the torn meniscus limiting movement surgery was going to be the best option.  I had never had surgery before so to say I was a bit nervous is an understatement. Dr. Kaplan explained the procedure in detail. He explained exactly what I should expect during surgery, on follow up visits, through recovery and physical therapy. The surgery was scheduled for the next week. I had immediate relief after surgery and was fully recovered after completing physical therapy.

I’m able to do all the physical activity I could before like running, playing tennis, and long walks with the dogs. I have no pain in my knee, can not even see where the surgery was, and feel like I never even had the surgery. Not only is Dr. Kaplan an amazing surgeon, but an even better person. He personally called me the day after my surgery and would check on me periodically at home and in physical therapy.  Dr. Kaplan and his entire staff are true professionals; they were able to work me in quickly, treated me like I was their only patient, gave me back my lifestyle and for that my family and I truly thank you.

Peter S

Meniscus Tear

I had a knee injury back in July of 2010. My wife scheduled an appointment while I was out of town on a youth mission trip with our church. My knee was hurting before I left but during that week the swelling and pain just got worse. My appointment was scheduled promptly but I was in so much pain on the Friday that we returned that I went on to the emergency room at Nassau Baptist.

Now, I know that they did what they could and diagnosed this knee problem as bursitis and gave me a week supply of pain medicine. When arriving to J.O.I., I was in a full leg brace and a lot of pain. After meeting Kevin, he ordered one more x-ray. He was very sure I had a torn meniscus in my knee. I explained to Kevin that I was in a lot of pain and only had a limited supply of pain medicine. Kevin was very truthful in his expertise of how to handle this injury and we tried to strengthen the muscles and decrease the inflammation with physical therapy. I followed Kevin’s expertise and as he directed after continuing to have discomvoft, I took the option of an MRI to get a further review of the extent of damage. Kevin was right on, a torn meniscus.

I made the choice to go ahead and have the surgery to get things cleaned up inside the knee. I asked Kevin if he could do the surgery toward the end of the year because it is our slow time for business. I was just amazed at the professionalism that I received throughout all of JOI. Kevin’s nurse is superb and all of the operative staff was just sensational. Kevin really treated me as his patient, providing me with, I believe, all of his expertise, training, and knowledge. I was just really surprised when I heard from JOI’s office to see how I was doing, wow that really made me feel special knowing that JOI was that concerned. What really surprised me was when Kevin took the time out of his day that I know is very limited at 7:00pm to see how I was doing after surgery. I was just ecstatic that Kevin called me personally to see how I was. You just don’t get that kind of concern, kindness, and professionalism too often in the medical field. I am so thankful for JOI, their staff, and what I believe to be one of the most professional, kindest, understanding doctors that I have ever met. Thank you JOI for taking the time to treat my injury and using all the tools, technology, professionalism and understanding from a patient’s point of view and allowing me to proceed through some of the decision’s made to better my health.



Achilles Tendon Repair

I met Dr. Kaplan unintentionally at my regular doctor’s office. I went in for what I thought was a severely bruised ankle from a flag football injury. But as the physicians assistant was looking at my ankle, it was clear something more was going on. She left to get a second opinion and fortunately for me came back with Dr. Kaplan who happened to be visiting my doctor’s office that day.

It didn’t take him more than a few minutes to confirm my bruised ankle was actually a ruptured Achilles tendon.

For someone who loves sports, I was extremely worried about my long-term ability to continue being active. But Dr. Kaplan listened to my worries, answered my questions and put me at ease.

The thing about Dr. Kaplan is he doesn’t feel like a doctor when you’re talking to him. He’s very down-to-earth and informal in his interactions. There’s a genuineness about him. That quality went a long way in my trust and confidence in Dr. Kaplan as a doctor and surgeon.

So I’m definitely glad I had Dr. Kaplan perform my surgery!

Since the surgery and rehab, I’ve been able to resume all the sports I love without any hesitation or reservation about my ankle/Achilles. As far as I’m concerned I’m back to 100%.

Thanks to Dr. Kaplan I never have to worry about a life without sports. I am free to run around, play and enjoy life to the fullest!

Alex Tran pic1   Alex Tran pic2   pic3 Alex Tran


Alex T

Ankle Fracture Repair

Throughout 2011, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kaplan Kaplan as head Orthopaedic Surgeon for the Arena Champion Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football franchise. Working along side Dr. Kaplan as a team executive, I was able to witness and document his efforts in providing the best care for the entire franchise.

Dr. Kaplan allowed me to witness his services beginning with team physicals to preventative care for the athletes as well as treatments for players from a wide range of ailments. Dr. Kaplan was kind enough to allow me to interview him on several occasions for a weekly television show about the Jacksonville Sharks on WCWJ, CW17 in Jacksonville, Fla.

I also had the fortune of having Dr. Kaplan as a personal physician. In August of 2011, I suffered a sports injury of my own – a maisonneuve frature in my right leg; a dislocated ankle and spiral fracture of the fibula. From the initial xrays and diagnosis, Dr. Kaplan had me feeling assured that I would receive the best of care.

In less than two weeks, Dr. Kaplan and I had several interactions in regards to my well-being – to the extent I’d classify the visits as “personal check ups” – and surgery was scheduled and executed. The surgery involved putting a plate and several screws in the ankle. The surgery was a complete success with no complications arising. In fact, I was able to return to work less than 24 hours later.

After surgery, Dr. Kaplan had several more interactions over the next few days after surgery. After about one month, regular check-ups were scheduled for xrays to assess progress. After a period of non-weight-bearing and then rehab for nearly three months to get back my strength and range of motion I recovered. Dr. Kaplan’s service was extremely professional, and his bedside manner made me feel a personal connection with him. Through the entire experience, the only better experience I could have had was not having an injury. Thank you Dr. Kaplan.

Andy Wenstrand

Andy W

Stem Cells

I began experiencing moderate to severe pain in my left elbow, almost certainly from playing too much golf. After several months of rest and inactivity, I realized that my condition was not improving. I first visited with my primary physician who diagnosed me with medial epicondylitis, or more commonly known as “golfer’s elbow”. He initially prescribed a regimen of ibuprofen and icing of the elbow area 3 times a day. After 4 weeks, still no positive results. Next visit, he injected steroids directly into the elbow tendon, but again after 1 month, no improvement was noted.

I had read about the success of using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures in healing various areas of the body. A long time friend told me about Dr. Kaplan and how PRP worked wonders for his son, a pitcher for the Bolles School at the time, who also was having chronic elbow issues.

I visited with Dr. Kaplan at the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute (JOI) in San Marco, where he confirmed the medial epicondylitis diagnosis, and offered several treatment options ranging from conservative to aggressive protocols. I chose the PRP approach and we scheduled a follow up appointed two weeks later. The procedure was relatively straight forward, with blood drawn and centrifuged to isolate the PRP. Next the Platelet Rich Plasma was injected directly into the tendon. Unexpectedly the next day, my elbow actually felt better. Six weeks later upon my return visit to Dr. Kaplan, I was able to report that the pain was totally gone and I was able to return to all normal activities, including golf. For me, Dr. Kaplan was a miracle worker and he made the process quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, my golf game is still mediocre, but at least I can play without pain or restrictions…LOL

Thank you Dr. Kaplan!!!!

Jay L

Stem Cell Therapy

I was afraid I’d be celebrating my 59th birthday having knee surgery. Not in the plan for a woman who wants to stay active for the next 50 years!

I’d injured my knee in August and months of physical therapy did what it could. By December I could barely limp to my car. Just getting into JOI across that huge parking lot was torture. Another doc was draining two big syringes of fluid off my knee every time I came in. Ow!

But Dr. Kaplan had stem cells up his sleeve and soon mine were in my knee. After months of little relief from physio, you can imagine my surprise when the pain relief was almost immediate and flexibility followed soon after. In a little under 60 days, I’m back in my track shoes building up my distance again.

You don’t have to be a sports star to get cutting edge treatment. Heck, I was downright flabby by the time I limped into JOI. It’s nice to see all the professional athletes on the page, but I figured it would be reassuring for prospective patients to see that knee repair can be almost instantaneous even for 50-somethings. I’m a big woman at 6 feet putting some serious wear on my knees and this was magic!

Dr. Kaplan has good hands with a needle. Best of all, he’s got stem cell tech that works like the Creator reached down and did a parts replacement on the spot. I asked for something that would get me back on my size 11 feet again and keep me there for years to come. He delivered. Such a joy to be mobile and pain free. The hardest part now is remembering not to overdo.

Beth I


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