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  • Martial arts can be hazardous to kids

    Source: Medical Xpress

    Perhaps there’s a black belt in your child’s future. But for safety’s sake, kids should only engage in noncontact forms of martial arts, a new American Academy of Pediatrics report says.

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  • The Relationship Between Shoulder Stiffness and Rotator Cuff Healing

    Source: JBJS

    Retear and stiffness are not uncommon outcomes of rotator cuff repair. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between rotator cuff repair healing and shoulder stiffness.

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  • Activity could help keep knees lubricated

    Source: Science Daily

    Cartilage is filled with fluid — about 80% of the volume of the cartilage tissue — that plays the essential roles of supporting weight and lubricating joint surfaces. Loss of this fluid, called synovial fluid, results in a gradual decrease in cartilage thickness and increase in friction, which is related to the degradation and joint pain of osteoarthritis. Since cartilage is porous, fluid is readily squeezed out of the holes over time. Yet the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis usually take decades to develop. Researchers have now proposed a mechanism that explains how motion can cause cartilage to reabsorb liquid that leaks out.

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  • Effect of timing of surgery in partially injured ACLs


    This study demonstrates an important and clinically relevant finding, adding support to the theory that early surgical reconstruction of partially injured ACLs is beneficial for protecting the intact bundle and menisci and promotes patients resuming a normal life. The results of the current study indicate that as the time between partial injury of the ACL and surgery increases, the risk of secondary loosening of the intact bundles and associated lesions increased gradually; therefore, the ruptured band of the ACL should be reconstructed early, which may not result in arthrofibrosis.

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