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Is carpal tunnel syndrome really just a wrist problem?

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Most conventional carpal tunnel treatments focus solely on the wrist. This approach is, of course, designed to attempt to reduce symptoms of hand pain, numbness and/or weakness. However, the true cause is rarely sought after, hence, these treatments are often times worthless and, in the case of surgery, can actually make matters worse.

There are many factors that will often contribute to median nerve inflammation, which is primarily responsible for the symptoms seen with carpal tunnel syndrome. It can actually be due to problems or dysfunctions in the structures in and around the neck, the shoulder, the elbow, the wrist and/or hand. This is yet another case of a specific painful condition actually caused by something called a kinetic chain disorder pattern. A fancy name for dysfunctional movement issues anywhere along a chain. In this case the chain being the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

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