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Biomet receives FDA clearance for two new products: E1® humeral bearing for the comprehensive® reverse shoulder system and the comprehensive® segmental revision system


The E1® humeral bearing with exclusive Antioxidant-Infused Technology is the first Vitamin E advanced bearing option for reverse shoulder applications. Biomet first applied the clinically successful1 E1® technology to its hip and knee products. The integration of E1® technology into the Comprehensive® Reverse Shoulder portfolio will provide surgeons and patients with an advanced bearing surface with oxidative stability, high strength and low wear.

The FDA also cleared Biomet’s Comprehensive® Segmental Revision System (SRS), a humeral replacement system designed to address significant bone loss, both proximally and distally. The Comprehensive® SRS offers oncologic options, soft tissue attachments, and multiple sizing options, and is compatible with the Comprehensive® Shoulder system and the Discovery® Elbow system.

“This system is particularly helpful for surgeons specializing in revision shoulder or elbow surgery where modularity and intra-operative flexibility is critical,” said Quin Throckmorton, MD, orthopaedic surgeon, Memphis, Tennessee.

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