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Cayenne Medical launches new all-suture anchor system

Source: Healio

Cayenne Medical recently announced the launch of the SureLock All-Suture Anchor System.

Indicated for use in shoulder and extremity procedures, the SureLock system is designed to provide a predictable fixation method while eliminating manual tension that can lead to pull-out or displacement of the anchor as well as partial anchor deployment.

The system minimizes bone loss and anchor footprint by requiring a smaller pilot hole compared with traditional anchors. It is also deployed through an inserter-controlled method, ensuring a greater level of control over placement, according to a company press release.

“Cayenne Medical has seen great clinical success with the SureLock All-Suture Anchor System since its limited market release earlier this year, and we are excited to announce a full market launch that allows us to open up domestic and international markets,” Dave Springer, president and CEO of Cayenne Medical, said in the press release.

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